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As digital platforms and social media gather data from people across the globe, we are able to intelligently deliver the message from our customers to the public and provide them with insights from consumers around the globe. All of this at a low cost and with much more control than traditional marketing methods.

Having already worked with leading brands in the Northeast and other parts of India, LucentR has gained more than five years of experience in providing marketing solutions. Our data-driven, results-oriented approach sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies.

What We Do

Introducing LucentR

Social Media Management

Managing all your social media accounts on a regular basis, updating, uploading, and engaging on your content so your audience can find you and become an organic customer.

Content Marketing & Production

In order to grow the audience for content published by a company, engaging the crowd is key. The more content, the greater engagement.

Creating Leads & Achieving Goals

Generating specific leads to achieve certain objectives. All leads will be used to initiate a conversation in order to increase brand awareness and ultimately sales.

Facebook & Google Ads

In the same way that Facebook advertisements can be used for various purposes, Google ads can also be used for various purposes since they both own almost most of the data about people.

Conversational Marketing

A type of marketing in which a company converses with their clients by sending them personalized emails and texts. This type of marketing is very effective as it provides a personal touch to the customers.

Contests & Referrals

Personal Referrals are considered to be the most converting form of customer acquisition. We plan to integrate referrals based giveaway services and launch timely Viral giveaway contests


Relationships between a brand and its audience are very important. Organising events such as blogger meetups, musical evenings, marketing gigs, etc., fall under this category.

Advanced Analytics

To track, measure, and scale up your budget allocation, we provide weekly and monthly analytics, because “DATA SPEAKS; WE LISTEN”.

Web Design

A website is a company's identity. In our digital age, a website is a need to reach the greater masses. We build websites and landing pages to boost the business of our clients.

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A Solution to All your Digital Problems

A full-fledged data-driven agency focusing only on the exponential growth of clients. Heavily equipped with skilful team members who always showcase creative skills and effort to bring about impressive outcomes.
From ads to data analysis, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to marketing. Trust us, build with us.

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