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The first thing you ought to know about Digital Maketing

We are a Data-Driven Digital Marketing Agency providing full-fledged marketing solutions from medium to large scale businesses. Our main goal is to make your business grow with the help of diverse digital solutions and reach your marketing goals. Thus making your business elevate to the next level.  

Our Plan of Action

The Mission

To facilitate small to large scale businesses to reach their marketing goals and generate more revenue with less capital using data-driven digital marketing.

The Objective

To become industry leaders in providing the best in class marketing solutions to all sizes of businesses.

What we do

Social Media Management

Managing all your Social accounts updating, uploading and engaging on your contents and channels so that you can reach your audience and have a quality organic customer base.

Content Marketing & Production

To engage the crowd in contents published by a company, in order to grow your reach. More the content, the greater the crowd engagement.

Lead Generation & Objective FULFILLMENT

Specific leads generation to fulfill certain objectives. Leads altogether will be used to initiate a conversation to increase brand awareness and ultimately sales.

Facebook & Google Ads

Facebook ads is a powerful tool used to fulfil various purposes, the same is with Google; because they together own almost most of the people data.

Conversational Marketing

A type of marketing in which a company converses with their clients by sending them personalized emails and texts. This type of marketing is very effective as it provides a personal touch to the customers.

Contests & Referrals

Personal Referrals are considered to be the most converting form of customer acquisition. We plan to integrate referrals based giveaway services and launch timely Viral giveaway contests


The relation of the brand with its audience is very crucial. Organizing events such as a bloggers meet, musical evenings, promotional gigs, etc. fall under this.

Advanced Analytics

To measure, track and scale up your budget allocation, we provide weekly and monthly analytics, because “When Data Speaks; We Listen!”.

Web Design

A website is the identity of a business. A website is a must to reach the greater masses in today's digital world. We design websites and landing pages to grow our clients' business a lot more.

Why Choose Us

A Solution to All your Digital Problems

A full-fledged data-driven agency focusing only on the exponential growth of clients. Heavily equipped with skilful team members who always showcase creative skills and effort to bring about impressive outcomes.
From ads to data analysis, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to marketing. Trust us, build with us.

Our Clients

What we do

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Rajdeep Sarmah

CEO & Co-Founder

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MD & Co-Founder

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CDO & Co-Founder

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